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What is the Shinri "Truth=Law of God"Research Association

(Shinri=kaminori no Kenkyukai)

The "Truth=Law" of God Research Association (Shinri) is the new religion founded by Mr. Masao Utsumi in Japan. Before founding Shinri, he had gained substantial spiritual experiences through studying many Japanese religions such as Sukyo Mahikari, Tenrikyou, Shinnyoen and Shinji kyoukai. In 2006, he received a revelation from God ordering him to start this Association. According to the revelation, the idea of this Association was conceived 3 thousand years ago by the Creator God to conclude His Plan on Earth. The headquarter of Shinri is in Maebashi City, Gunma Prefecture, Japan..


  1. Introduction
  2. Mr. Masao Utsumi's personal history
  3. Teachings
  4. Objective of the Association
  5. Important activities of the Association

1. Introduction

This association was founded by Mr. Masao Utsumi to study and spread the "Truth of the Universe" or "Truth=Law of God" through the study classes that he started on 15 October 2006, which is considered the day of the Association's foundation.
From his point of view, the "Truth of the Universe" is arranged in the manner that all human beings can become full of happiness. And it is different from the existing common human knowledge in many aspects.
According to Mr. Utsumi, the last day of the Maya calendar, corresponding to 21 December 2012, was the day when the world of human spirits joined the world of Gods. That is, the human spirits which are in heaven now could go further up to the divine world, the phenomenon that was not possible until then. This will bring true divinization of the human beings. In the future, there will only be the human beings with God's soul on Earth. That is the realization of the heaven on Earth. The Association had the main role in the realization of this junction of heaven and the divine world.
Mr. Utsumi studied many religions and had many spiritual experiences. With time, he could develop by himself the methods to save human spirits. He discovered the way to guide the human spirits, vengeful or not, directly to go to heaven, which has never been done until today. As he continued with his study, he also discovered the existence of vengeful gods disturbing human beings. Then, he developed the methods to save these powerful spirits and to send them to divine world.
Human beings usually suffer from disturbances caused by the vengeful human spirits, because of the reasons originating in their past lives. Disturbances and sufferings are the consequences of the wrong acts in one's past life. Almost all the problems related to health, financial condition and relationships are the results of such spiritual disturbances.
Mr. Utsumi also discovered that there are some human beings with divided soul of god, who also suffered from the disturbances caused by gods. Since then, he could save many such people who couldn't be saved by ordinary ways.
Moreover, Mr. Utsumi also discovered the existence of transferences of karma that may occur at the time of salvation of spirits or helping others, bringing serious problems to the person who saves or helps. And he discovered the way to avoid such problems (This is explained in the teachings of this Association).
Now we can save 100% of all the spirits existing on Earth by an easy and safe method (known as "Osatoshi").
Mr. Utsumi teaches to the public through the study classes the methods of salvation of all the spirits and gives all the spiritual knowledge acquired by him until today. In these study classes, many new revelations, directly from the divine world, are brought to the public through Mr. Utsumi.
Anyone interested in getting more information, or wanting to try the method of the salvation of spirits, please write to

2. Masao Utsumi's personal history

  • He was born on 1st June 1943 at Maebashi City, Gunma Prefecture.
  • He studied at Technical School of Maebashi, at Gunma Prefecture. After graduating he worked at National Telephone Company for 7 years and founded his own company, Utsumi Shoukai Co. Later on, the company's name was changed to Hiro Cia. Ltd.
  • He invented the forwarding telephone device and made patent application in March 1976. After that, he invented many other devices such as "device to prevent wrong call", "an alarm device for telephone line slip off". He was awarded with many prizes for these inventions, between 1988 and 2001
  • Beside technological works, he was always interested in health problems, and invented "chair for health", for which he was awarded with the Mayor Prize at Maebashi Invention Exposition on 19 November 2000
  • Also, he discovered the method to conceive the child of desired sex and there are more than 4 thousand people who subscribed to his site to get consultations.
  • His spiritual trainings of 30 years period started after going to Minobu Mountain Temple on 16 August 1975
  • Around this time, he was introduced to Tenrikyo and Shinnyoen (later on, he left these organizations).
  • He was introduced to Sukyo Mahikari in November 1982.
  • He developed the method to save and send the human spirits to heaven and started to practice it in 1985.
  • He also became the member of a religious organization called Ooyama Nezu no Mikoto Shinji Kyoukai in 1992.
  • In 1997, he started to save the dragons' spirits confined in Shinto's and Buddhist temples around the Gunma prefecture, and discovered an efficient way to save confined dragons' spirits in all of Japan.
  • He left Sukyo Mahikari in November 1997. By this time he had attended the highest level course of this organization- the advanced kenshu course- for 20 times continuously.
  • He received the new name, Reisui Kinsei, through a divine message in 2001.
  • He announced to start the missionary work after receiving a divine message on 1 June 2006.
  • Finally, he founded this organization by starting the first study class on 15 October 2006.

3. Teachings

  • Creator God is referred to as "Creator of everything of the great Universe, Supreme God of Light, Origin of Everything".
  • There is a key to build a happy family.
  • Gratitude changes the environment.
  • There are reasons for all kinds of misfortunes!
  • Use the sense of justice correctly to avoid the transference of karma.
  • What God likes and dislikes.
  • Leave everything up to God.
  • Secrets of the Divine world.
  • Origin of souls.
  • And much more.

4. Objective of this organization

  • To spread the method of building a family full of happiness all over the planet and the whole universe.
  • To elucidate hidden essences in the teachings of Shinri, or "Truth=Law of God"
  • To save the disturbing gods and disturbing spirits who are the origin of all misfortunes and to purify the whole Earth (100%).
  • To spread Shinri all over the world to construct Heavenly Civilization on Earth..
  • To spread all over the world the message that by reviving the spiritual power of gods and having faith in Creator God, we will receive great protection and we can live with abundance of health and happiness.
  • To guide the existing religions on how to revive the power of gods in their organizations.
  • .To realize God's plan on Earth by finding people chosen since 3 thousand years ago and preparing them to fulfill their mission.
  • To promote the unification of heaven with divine world until the end of 2012. It will be done by salvation of gods which world enable filling up the empty space between heaven and divine world. Consequently, it will make it possible for the human spirits to enter into divine world (divinization of human beings).
Note: This unification was done on 16 December 2012 in an intermediate level study class of Shinri. So now, there exists a new world between heaven and divine world called "world of unification of gods and human spirits".
On 31 December 2012, the remaining resentful gods of this planet were saved. They all ascended to divine world. So the problems of disturbances caused by these gods are now over.

5. Important activities of the Association

Until December 2012, the activity of the Association was focused on salvation of gods in order to join heaven with divine world of Earth.
Now the association is working on the salvation of spirits related to the individuals, resentful or not, to solve the problems of spiritual disturbances, and also teaches to interested individuals the methods of solving spiritual disturbances.
The association also works on the salvation of the spirits in the houses and buildings, accident spots, spirits died in big accidents and natural disasters, etc.
From 2013 onwards, the Association is also focusing on solving disturbances caused by Alien spirits and Alien gods from other planets.
Lately, the Association is emphasizing on constructing a family full of happiness in this Planet and all over the universe. There are many extra-terrestrial spirits and gods participating in the study classes of Shinri seeking for this method to bring to their Planets.
Also, there are many administrative changes occurring in the divine world of the universe as a result of the work of the Association.
Until today, the association has saved:

  • victims of big battles (such as Sekigahara battle) which occurred at the time of unification of Japan;
  • all the Japanese and Korean soldiers who died in the second world war, as well as the Chinese and other nationality soldiers who were the victims of Japanese soldiers at that time;
  • all the victims of atomic bombs explosions; as well as the spirits from many other sites of big accidents in Japan.
  • victims of 2 big tsunami disasters (Sumatra and Japan).
  • victims of the historical accidents of some countries, such as the World Trade Center's twin towers accident in New York, and many big accidents in Brazil, Incas, etc.
  • All the small and/or vengeful gods of this planet (millions of gods causing many problems on Earth); and some gods of the other planets (Aliens) who came to earth to disturb human beings. This also includes the gods confined in the jail of the divine world in Takayama, Japan; gods disturbing Japanese Emperor's family (which solved the big problem of the spiritual disturbances of this family that had lasted for 2,800 years); gods disturbing religious organizations all over the world; and gods of Shinto shrines in Japan (now they got power to give protections to human beings).

The association also teaches the correct way to take care of the ancestors. Many family and health problems were solved by this, including the problem of stomach cancer. Now the offerings of meals can be done easily at home without the need of ancestor's altar.

Study classes are held regularly 3 times a month. The basic and intermediate level study classes are held at the headquarter. The special study classes are now held in Tokyo and Osaka, alternately. The advance level study classes are also held regularly once a year at the headquarter. Since May 2011, association has also started to have the special classes to develop subconscious power (objective: to get god's power).

Many new teachings and revelations coming directly from the divine world to Mr. Utsumi, are given to the public at the study classes. Now it is also possible to reconfirm or to correct all the teachings from the past.

"Truth=Law of God" Research Association
Yuki Building,Ootomoi-machi 1-12-21, Maebashi, Gunma, Japan
Representative: Masao Utsumi or Kinsei Reisui
Tel 81-27-896-1546; Fax 81-27-896-1441

Experience stories

Experiences of Osatoshi (guiding of spirits)

Choko Tereza Ito

I was always searching for "The best way to save the people", and I have been studying philosophies, religions and spiritualism from all over the world.

I studied and practiced Sukyo Mahikari - one Japanese spiritual path -for 22 years with devotion, trying to help the people and spreading the teachings in Thailand. But finally I concluded that there were many spiritual mysteries that even Mahikari could not explain.

And then some miracle happened to quench my thirst of looking for the answers of many spiritual mysteries. In April 2009, through the internet, God guided me to know about a new spiritual path Shinri = Kaminori no Kenkyuukai (Truth=law of God Research Association). This spiritual organization was founded in 2006 by Mr. Masao Utsumi, a former member of Mahikari.

Mr. Utsumi had studied all the teachings of Mahikari and discovered the methods of osatoshi for human spirits (method of advising the human spirits so that they can be awakened to their sins and mistakes and may learn the way to correct their mistakes by sincerely apologizing to God and be saved). Later on he developed the osatoshi for animal spirits and small or evil gods.

Also, he received many revelations from the Creator God, and founded this Association, Shinri = Kaminori no Kenkyuukai.

I wanted to try this method of osatoshi, so I became a member of Shinri, and I got the DVD of study class given by Mr. Utsumi in Japan. After a while, I went to the Shinri Center in Japan to participate in study class and to learn personally from Mr. Utsumi.

Then, I started doing osatoshi for my family members. The amazing results of osatoshis are as follows:

  1. First, I did osatoshi for my younger brother who lives in Japan. He was suffering
    from neck pain for many years, and his head was slightly twisted to one side.
    After only one time osatoshi, his pain disappeared completely and his head
    returned to the original position.
    He was so surprised and grateful, that he wanted to become a member right way
    and to learn to do osatoshi.

    With osatoshi for my brother, many samurai spirits were saved. My brother had decapitated them in his previous life. Some of them even had been transformed to snake because of very strong feeling of revenging. Also, many evil gods were saved. Evil gods use animal and human spirits to disturb people, and are very powerful. Even when we save all the animal and human spirits, if we don't save evil gods, the disturbance continues for ever.

    The disturbance from evil gods doesn't happen to all the human beings.

    According to the teaching given by Mr. Utsumi, there are some human being with divided soul of gods while others with only human soul. Those who have the soul of gods, called bunkon, came to this world to guide the human beings. They are some masters, artists, religious leaders, governors, teachers, medical doctors, etc. Only a bunkon suffers attack from evil gods.

    One good thing about Shinri is that I could do osatoshi from Bangkok for my brothers and sisters who are in Brazil. We have no need to pay 80 thousands Baht for airplane ticket to save the persons in Brazil. I called all the attaching spirits of my brothers and sisters in Brazil to come to my place and did the osatoshi to guide them. When we do osatoshi, there are God spirits helping us, and so the place of osatoshi becomes full of God's Light.

    First of all, I called my brothers and sisters to tell about osatoshi, and only after they agreed, I did osatoshi for them one by one. The results were amazing.

  2. My eldest brother had the problem of high blood pressure. It returned to normal after my doing osatoshi for him
  3. The second brother, who was in medical care because of mental stress, recovered completely through osatoshi
  4. Third brother got many arrangements at his work. So despite of being a non kumite (kumite = member of Mahikari) he started to believe in spiritual things and now he wears Omamori - a sacred protection of Shinri.
  5. My elder sister is someone who can see the spirits and can hear voice of spirits,
    and can even see the Light. At first, she didn't accept to receive osatoshi. But
    after hearing from me about the good results of osatoshi, she prayed to God "If
    Shinri is true, please make my headache disappear". Right after that, she felt an
    energy entering her head from the top, and amazingly her pain disappeared.

    After that, she experienced wearing Omamori to give Light, and felt the Light was
    stronger than wearing only Omitama. She saw the DVD of study class that I sent
    to her and she said that the aura of Mr. Utsumi was very beautiful and she could
    see very strong Light behind him.
  6. Second sister is a non kumite (kumite = Mahikari member), but after osatoshi she
    believed in existence of the spiritual reason for the sufferings, and she was very
    grateful for knowing that.
  7. Third sister always felt her body very heavy even in the morning, but after
    osatoshi she felt very light all the day and all night. Also many good arrangements
    happened to her.
  8. Fourth sister, who is a kumite, asked me to do osatoshi for her and her husband.
    She was having financial problems and her husband was always nervous, talking
    loudly, scaring everybody. After osatoshi, he became very calm, and my sister
    also started to have higher income.
  9. Fifth sister is an autistic. My mother said she became calmer after osatoshi.
    Beside osatoshi, Mr. Utsumi developed methods to improve such persons, like
    "repairing of past life" and "method of higher dimension talking". So I hope her
    condition could improve more with such methods.

Now I'm having many osatoshi requests coming from Brazil through my sisters. And I continue studying this path because there is so much more to learn. I'm grateful to God for all the arrangements and miracles.

There are new revelations from God in each study class.

I sincerely believe that this path can change the spiritual world of Thailand and all over the world.

Experience 2

How I came to know Shinri

My name is Andrea Santos and I live in Brazil. My religious background is catholic.
I myself believed that God was the origin of everything, but yet I had many questions in my mind such as: how would be our life after death? Would we meet our beloved persons after death? Does Karma really exist?

Fortunately, I found the answers for these questions in Allan Kardec's spiritual books. I read all his books, especially "The Book of Spirits" that I read twice to find the reasons for what we call "coincidences of life". I could understand the contents of Bible well only after reading one of his books, "Preaching of Bible according to Spiritualism".

I was finding answers for my questions, but yet it was not enough. I wanted to learn more about Spiritualism, because deep inside I felt that my mission was to help the others, even though I didn't know how to.

I also read the spiritual books of Chico Xavier, the Brazilian spiritualist, in order to understand the "bigger world" around us.

But as the time passed, I became busy with my daily life, and little by little I had forgotten about God without knowing.

Then one day at the end of 2010, I woke up as usual, but one hour later I was screaming for my husband to come to help me. I was on bed without having any energy to move and feeling really bad pain in my stomach. My body was shivering as if somebody has thrown cold water inside my body. I was praying to God in my mind "Help me God, I don't want to die". I was feeling that my blood pressure was close to zero, as I couldn't move my body at all. I couldn't even raise my hand or speak.

This horrible experience reoccurred on several following days. Each time it lasted for about 30 minutes, but to me it felt like eternal. One day it happened while I was walking on the street and I was carried to hospital. The medical staff did various investigations on me but everything was ok. Then, they diagnosed me to be having STRONG ANXIETY DISTURBANCE.

The treatment with medicines made me dopy. I couldn't move around, I was only sleeping all the time. My daughters were scared about my condition. My severe sickness attacks continued to occur almost every day. Each time it was a very scaring, horrible, and tormenting experience. After such attack, I could only sleep all day without eating. I also felt nausea almost all day. I lost 4 kilos. Losing 4 kilos made a big impact on the physical strength for someone who is 1.57 m tall and had only 47 kg weight. These were really very scaring experiences. I had a total of nine severe sickness attacks, and the doctor wanted to hospitalize me.

I took 23 days off from my work. When I returned to work after having treatment at hospital, my sickness attacks were weaker than before, but yet continued. My doctor changed the medication, but the improvement was very slow.

Shortly after I returned to work, one of my colleagues approached me with certain reservation to offer help. She told me that her sister who lives in Thailand was practicing something new, and told me about the spiritual organization "Shinri" and the special spiritual method - osatoshi - to solve any kind of problems including the health problems. She suggested me to write to her sister requesting for an urgent osatoshi. I accepted the suggestion and wrote an e-mail to her sister. This is how I came to know Choko Tereza.

She is a lovely person; she worries about everybody and offers her help to anyone wholeheartedly, even though she doesn't know the person. What a kind and generous heart!

She explained to me that my problem was the result of karma accumulated from the past life, and so my mental health problem was spiritual. She did osatoshi for me right away and I had a strong reaction by having severe dizziness and headache for a short while.

Only one osatoshi was not enough because of my heavy spiritual cloudiness. Therefore, I received osatoshi repeatedly. Each time I received osatoshi, I had some reactions. I felt something strange like a sudden pain, itching on my skin, or even falling down. So I knew she was doing osatoshi for me at that time.

After one month, I was not having any problem of anxiety. It was over! I even felt much stronger than before. And most importantly, I regained the faith in God that I had lost.

My energy was back, my sensibility was increasing and I started to give Light to myself (a spiritual practice of Shinri by wearing around neck a sacred protection called "Omamori" and radiating spiritual energy (Light) from the palms of the hands) with the amazing results. I felt that I was heading in the right direction. I was finding answers for many questions that I had before.

Three months had passed while experiencing the results of osatoshi and Light. At that point, I decided to become a member of Shinri. I can already do osatoshi for the salvation of vengeful human spirits and now I'm learning how to save God spirits. In this way, I can help many people and also elevate myself spiritually.

Also through Shinri I could be free from an old problem of more than 20 years, that is: I couldn't turn my neck completely to the right and always had pain on my neck.
Everything is over now!

What attracted me more to this Religion is to learn to feel really grateful to the Creator God, to Virgin Maria, to Jesus Christ, to our ancestors, to our guiding spirits and the Gods, as well as to apologize for our sins.

I'm really happy to know that Virgin Maria is always looking after us and that the Highest God of Light (Creator God) is always with us to guide. We are never alone in this world. Moreover, there are always some spirits seeking for help and they can be saved through osatoshi. To save them is to serve God and to help others.

It's so beautiful when at the end of each osatoshi Choko writes: "everybody was saved and went to heaven". It's amazing to serve God to make it possible that all human beings and spirits receive God's Light, forgiveness and help from the Creator God!

Osatoshi for me, is: salvation of spirits, proof of the existence of the world of spirits, assurance about the Divine Light, freedom from diseases and grieve, chance to be forgiven, opportunity to be able to cultivate compassion, good deeds and gratitude, and possibility to have family union and to meet true friends.

I'm so fortunate to know you, Choko

Experience 3 

Concrete Changes in Life With the Help of Shinri

To all those who read this web board:
I would like to share with all of you the changes that I have experienced in my life since I got in contact with the Shinri Association.
I am a Brazilian, living in Thailand for almost 10 years.
About a year and a half ago, I was going through some very difficult time in my life. I was facing trouble at home with family issues, and at work. I also had financial problems, and to add to all this I had family members who were sick. Although I tried hard to solve my problems, they seemed to be too many, so I didn't even know where to start from.
Please allow me now to speak a little bit about my background: I was born and raised in a middle class family in Brazil. Fortunately I grew up in a very loving and caring environment. I graduated from Sao Paulo University, one of the prestigious universities in Brazil. I furthered my studies abroad until I got my Ph.D. I always considered myself someone who was able to live a balanced life; I always believed in making sincere effort and honesty regarding work. I also always thanked God for allowing me to have the opportunity to live and work in countries like Japan and Canada. My life had always been of successes, which I believed I had achieved through my hard work and dedication. However, all of a sudden, my life was upside down.
At that time, being emotionally and psychologically affected, I started to read a lot about different types of religions, including Buddhism, Catholicism and Spiritualism, in the hope that they could help me understand the reasons of so many misfortunes in my life, and bring me some comfort. Although all the readings taught me about 'acceptance', 'patience' and 'lessons' that must be learned from misfortunes, they were not able to bring concrete changes in my life.
It was then that through a very good friend and counselor, I came to know about the Association called "Shinri" (Truth=Law of God Research Association). However, for being suspicious at the beginning, I hesitated to ask for an 'osatoshi' (the special spiritual practice in Shinri to solve any kind of problems including the health problems). I could not believe that 'some prayer that helped disturbing spirits to go to Heaven' would help solve my problems. Then after some consideration, I decided to ask my friend for one 'osatoshi', thinking that if it didn't bring any concrete changes, it might at least bring me some peace of mind.
Amazingly, the result of my first 'osatoshi' really surprised me. One morning, I woke up feeling my body to be very light, as if something heavy had been removed from me. I felt hopeful and knew somehow that something good was about to happen to me. Nothing actually happened immediately, but such uplifting feeling motivated me to keep asking for the 'osatoshis' on a regular basis. After three to six months since my first 'osatoshi', concrete and positive changes started to happen in my life. I felt a peaceful environment at home. I was offered a new job with an excellent salary (although I never actually did any job search). And my family members who were sick got better with their condition under control. Finally, I saw that the financial situation of my family also got better. I was so happy with the results that I started to recommend the 'osatoshis' to friends and acquaintances. So far, all those who asked for 'oatsohis' were also blessed with good results.
I thank God and the Shinri Association for the help they extended to me. I truly hope that as many people as possible may get to know about this wonderful Association, so that they can improve their lives like I was able to do, and can achieve happiness which we all look for in this life.
Creator of everything of the Great Universe, Highest God of Light, Origin of Everything, thank you very, very much.

E. M. N

Experience 4

Experiences of Following Spiritual Path of
『Shinri =Kaminori』no Kenkyukai

Ranjna Jindal

  1. I came to know about "Sukyo Mahikari" - one Japanese spiritual path - in 1996 and became a member of it in 1998. I practiced it very sincerely for more than 11 years and experienced many divine miracles for myself as well as for others whom I tried to help with the Mahikari practices. However, there were still some questions in my mind for which I could not find the answers in Mahikari teachings.

    And then something happened in July 2009 which changed the course of my life from "Sukyo Mahikari" to a new spiritual path. On 29 June while watching television in the late evening hours, I had a very severe attack of "vertigo" - a medical condition with the immediate symptoms of extreme dizziness caused by dislocation or imbalance of a chemical substance in the inner ear canal. In a matter of few seconds, it felt like ceiling of the room was coming down on me or I was spinning in a tumbler. It was one of the scariest experiences for me. While screaming out for help and being comforted by my husband I kept feeling that I will fall from bed to the ground All night I had terrible time even when trying to turn my head to the other side on pillow.

    As soon as it was around 8:30 am next morning, I tried to call my Mahikari friend and group coordinator but with no success. Even my effort to call the Bangkok Mahikari Center went to be unsuccessful. Then I remembered that I had the cell phone number of the former director of Bangkok Mahikari Center, Dr. Tereza. So I managed to look for her number in my cell and
    called. To my luck she answered the phone and after listening to me asked me to go back to rest until she calls back. After 15 minutes she called to ask how my condition was. I slowly opened my eyes - no dizziness. Then I tried to turn my head from one direction to other and still had no dizziness. I sat down on the bed and finally dared to walk on my own without having any symptoms of vertigo that I was having during the previous night.

    At that point I understood it to be the result of some Sukyo Mahikari method performed by Dr. Tereza. However, that evening she called again and tried to explain something which I had never heard before in Sukyo Mahikari during the 11 years of my practicing it. I was a bit confused and nervous.In the following 2 weeks, my dizziness kept coming back sometimes with extreme severity. Then on 16 July 2009, Dr. Tereza came to my house and introduced me to a new spiritual path Shinri = Kaminori no Kenkyukai. This spiritual organization was founded in 2006 by Mr. Masao Utsumi, a former member of Mahikari.

    The procedure of following "Shinri" was similar to "Mahikari" but with some major differences. I had a big mental debate about switching from "Sukyo Mahikari" to "Shinri". However, at that time I was being helped by "Shinri" not by "Mahikari". So, I took the decision to become the member of "Shinri" and wear the spiritual protection "Omamori" around my neck.
    For some time I was also wearing the Mahikari locket "Omitama" as well. Finally, I decided to try wearing only "Omamori" and follow the "Shinri" teachings.

    In the next 4-5 months, my vertigo went away little by little. And every time I had the symptoms, either I called Dr. Tereza who did "Osatoshi" for me ( a method of advising the attaching spirits so that they can be awakened to their sins and mistakes and may learn the way to correct their mistakes by sincerely apologizing to God and be saved, and in the process - the person being affected by them also becoming relieved of the sufferings), or I did "Osatoshi" myself getting positive results each time.

    Gaining more and more confidence about practicing "Shinri", I slowly started telling about it to others around me. The very first one whom I introduced to "Shinri" was my own student - Pura Mildred Garcia de Bullen, a native of Venezuala and who had also been guided by me to join the  "Sukyo Mahikari" path earlier. She had become the Mahikari member only a few weeks ago. At first, without telling her that I was not wearing Omitama but a different protection "Omamori", I radiated the "Light" to some of her body points in a manner similar to Mahikari. When asked if she felt anything different, she said the "Light" was stronger than before. That strengthened my confidence in "Shinri" even more. Soon after that she also followed the suit and became a "Shinri" member like me.

    Among the several new experiences with the practice of "Shinri", the following one is quite amazing.
  2. In November 2009, one of my professor colleague Dr. Bunlur Emaruchi came to my office on one evening to receive "Light". He told me that he had a cyst formation at the left side of his neck in the front. While tested for cancer the result was positive. He was scheduled for surgery to get the cyst removed in the following week. I explained to him in brief that I switched the spiritual path from "Mahikari" to "Shinri" but still radiated "Light" to his neck area for about 10 minutes. Suddenly, he asked how could he also become a member of "Shinri". As the procedure of becoming a "Shinri" member is much more simple and fast compared to becoming a "Mahikari" member, I told him to join "Shinri" right away which he did.

    Following week he had the surgery to remove the cyst from his neck. And to doctors' surprise, the result of second examination for cancer came out to be negative. I truly believe that it was the divine protection granted to him by God.

    I sincerely believe that this path can change the spiritual world of Thailand and all over the world.

Experience 5

My Experience with Shinri

I am Pura Garcia de Bullen from Venezuela. In 2008 I met Dr. Tereza through my Prof. Ranjna Jindal who had introduced me to the spiritual path of Sukyo Mahikari that she was practicing in Bangkok, Thailand.

At that time, I was suffering from a physical condition called coccygodynia or coccydynia, which causes pain around the coccyx area or tail bone. I had this condition for about 4 years already. I could not sit in one position for more than 5 minutes. Changing positions was an awfully horrible experience, changing sides while sleeping was an odyssey, and being in a plane for many hours was a nightmare. During those four years I tried many options, from the very simple ones such as muscle relaxant, hot water treatment, physio-therapy, and ultrasound, to the very extreme option like steroid injections. Since I found the steroids injections to be very effective I decided to continue with them. However, after 2 years the effect of steroids injections started to last less, from almost 1 year to 6-7 months, and then 3-4 months only.

I was desperate in the search for another alternative that could give me more relief from pain for more than just a couple of months. I was frequently receiving Mahikari Light but that was not enough. Then, I heard from Prof. Jindal that Dr. Tereza was practicing something new and asked me if I would like to try it, and so I did. Dr. Tereza had found about Shinri while still continuing to practice Mahikari. After gaining faith in Shinri she left Mahikari. Now she had started doing Osatoshi - a special spiritual practice of Shinri - to advise the spirits attached to us causing all kinds of sufferings in our life. My problem seemed to be purely spiritual and so I decided to receive light from Dr. Tereza many times, as well as requested her to do Osatoshi for me. Most importantly, I learned to offer apologies to those whom I had mistreated in my past lives. While continuing to receive light and having osatoshis done repeatedly, my condition gradually improved and finally after 9 months I was completely free from that pain. It has been 10 months that I haven't experienced any pain in my tail bone at all.

I truly believe that receiving (or radiating to myself) the Shinri light, offering kisha for Osatoshi, and apologizing to the spirits to whom I did something wrong in the past lives, are the reasons why I don't suffer from coccydynia anymore. I had become a Shinri member soon after Prof. Jindal introduced me to it in 2009. I can now practice Osatoshi.

Now I'm moving to United States with my husband to live there. It's my hope to meet the people who would soon become the members of Shinri to help spread the teachings of this wonderful spiritual path over there.

Creator of everything of the great Universe, Highest God of Light, Origin of Everything, thank you very, very much.

Experience 6

The Best Way to Follow God

Maria Yumiko Portella

I came to know about Shinri through my sister Choko Tereza who lives in Thailand. At the beginning, I was little bit afraid, because it was something that was involved with spirits.

However, I experienced an improvement in my sinus problem with the help of osatoshi - a spiritual practice in Shinri, so I realized that this problem was caused by spiritual disturbance.

There were many friends at my workplace with various health problems, so I told them about the good effect of osatoshi. And some of them asked my sister to do osatoshi for them with excellent results.

What impressed me most was the experience of my friend F?bio, who had improved the serious problem of his three herniated discs. Every month he had to be on leave because of this problem and also had lot of expenses on physiotherapy and medications. Amazingly, with only one osatoshi, his problem was over! Choko told him that there were many vengeful gods disturbing him and also 70 aborted babies of ancestors (wanting to be saved) were attached to his spine causing the severe problem of three herniated discs. He follows his own religion, Candombl?, but now he also believes in osatoshi and is telling about it to his colleagues.

The other person whose miraculous experience impressed me was my colleague Andr?a. She was having serious problem of anxiety and was fainting on the streets, so she had to take leave from work for a long period. She was always sad and crestfallen. So I talked to her about osatoshi. Andr?a promptly accepted to receive osatoshi and now I can see a big change in her condition. She recovered from anxiety in a very short time becoming cheerful and communicative which surprised surrounding people and made many of them to ask for osatoshi.

I have no need to talk much to convince them about osatoshi. They accept right away and invite their friends as well.

I'm grateful to God for allowing me to be an instrument of God to save many spirits and to help people through osatoshi.

I've been a mahikari member but now I'm also a member of Shinri and can also do osatoshi. I did osatoshi for my husband after which he became calmer and his chronic headache also disappeared.

In Shinri there are no monthly offerings; we only have the offerings for osatoshi, which is similar to "otamagushi" of Mahikari. Another good point is that we have no need to take kenshu (3 days seminar) to become a member. Members are chosen by God.

Most importantly, anyone who is Shinri member can radiate the Light of God through the palms of hands to purify the spiritual realm as well as the physical environment around us. Based on my own experience, I can say that this Light is very strong.

I'm the pioneer of Shinri in Brazil along with two of my colleagues, and I feel extremely honored about this.

Even though I'm a very busy person, going out to work and doing domestic chores, having a family with a husband and three daughters to take care of, and yet I can devote myself to Shinri because osatoshi can be done at home.

I have still a lot to learn about Shinri, and my sister is helping me a lot. Even though we were not so close physically because of her living in another country, but at the spiritual side I feel that we are very closely connected.

I'm very grateful to the Highest God of Light for the divine protections and permissions granted to me. I'm also extremely grateful to Mr. Utsumi, the founder of this Association that undoubtedly will save the Earth.

Thank you very much!

Experience 7

Osatoshi to save the victims of accidents

(Accident on July 17, 2007, at Congonhas Airport - SP - BRAZIL)

Held on February 4, 2013, Andrea Santos de Almeida.

Number of deaths: 199 (187 passengers and crew members, and 12 people who were on the ground when the plane crashed into a storage at another part of the track and exploded).
The Osatoshi was requested to Choko Tereza Ito, who asked permission to The Supreme God of Light (Creator God) and asked Him for the Shinri gods' assistants to come to bring protection and make all the necessary arrangements so Andrea could safely perform the Osatoshi.
Mr. Utsumi, our master, taught us that we can save not only those who died in the accident but also those who caused the accident. To do this, Choko sent balls of light to the bottom of hell so that all the spirits associated with the accident could come to be saved during the Osatoshi.
The result was quite surprising; it reveals the karma payment mechanism and a lesson for humanity

The Osatoshi for those who caused the accident:.

  • A huge fire-breathing dragon tangled around the plane appeared only to show the cause of the accident as it was documented in the year 2009; year in which all the dragons rose to the divine world and the gods became Kunitsu god (see the article "Divine World"). This dragon also referred to the 12 people who died on the ground as "rotten heart rats" who had not paid their karma. This dragon was in a temple where the Chinese (I will address later) used to go.
  • A spirit of bunkon said he was taking revenge on all those people who died because, in another life, they participated in a slaughter in China in 1871. This spirit was saved and joined to his Hontai.
  • 500 Chinese. These were spirits of people and their families who died in the slaughter. They arranged to gather together all the people who were killed on that flight. All these spirits were saved and went to heaven.

For those who died in the plane crash:

  • The spirits of the dead were still on the scene asking for help, their bodies twisted and charred were in the middle of a dense and dark smoke. They were all saved and went to heaven, where they were greeted with a big party by their friends and family. They were dressed in white and silver, in the middle of a fine mist that emanates love and peace.
  • The 12 who died on the ground were also saved.

Note: After performing the Osatoshi, I've been searching on the internet and discovered that there are several reports about the slaughter in China that occurred exactly in the year 1871 (more precisely on October 24, 1871). The documents showed that it was a brutal and shameful crime racially motivated.

Andrea Santos de Almeida

Experience 8

Osatoshi to save the earth-bound spirits


Done on 23 April 2013 by Choko Tereza Ito with Andrea Santos de Almeida as medium.

There was an osatoshi request for a factory located in Ontario, Canada, to save the earth-bound spirits of this factory. The reason for the osatoshi request was the frequent equipments' failure and the lack of enthusiasm of the workers.

The first group of spirits appearing in osatoshi was of human spirits imprisoned in that factory. These were hundreds of Eskimos imprisoned by a group of extra-terrestrials. They were all liberated and sent to heaven through this osatoshi. They were causing damages to the factory's equipment as well as were disturbing the workers.

he next to appear was a group of above mentioned extra-terrestrials. They had a human-like body, but with bigger head and eyes. Their hands were like the crab's hands (scissors-like hands) and they were violent.

They said that there are many gates from outer space to this Earth in various parts of Canada and Northern parts of the United States. Many Aliens came to Earth as invaders, and they were one of these Aliens. They had the purpose to make the Earth their colony.

They lived in the region where the factory was constructed, so they considered the factory as intruder to them. That is why they were causing damages to the factory's equipment as well as were disturbing the workers, using the Eskimos.

During the osatoshi, I explained to them that everything in this universe is a part of the body of the Highest God of Light (Creator God), and the God's desire is that all the creatures of this universe live in harmony and be full of happiness. Therefore, to invade a planet and disturb the people living there was not correct.

Then, I showed them the method to construct a family full of happiness through the ball of Light, and told them that by practicing this method, their planet would prosper and so there will be no need to conquer other planets. On the contrary, they would be welcomed by other planets.

So, they did what I told them to do, and repaired everything they caused to that factory. At the end, before going back to their planet, they asked me: "To conquer other planets was a normal thing until today, so why the things have changed? Why can't we invade other planets anymore?"

I said: Yes, in the past you could invade other planets because it was God's arrangement to mix different characteristics of many creatures to develop better things in each planet. But according to God's Plan, such a period is already over, and now it has entered in a new age where all the planets are going to live harmoniously, with all the creatures there living with full of happiness.

After that, appeared a band of hundreds of small insects (invisible to human eyes). They were in a big box left in the factory. By showing the Omamori to them, they were all absorbed by the Omamori.

After that, appeared a group of powerful Gods who had brought this box inside the factory. They were the gods of other planets, also living there, and were enemies of the above mentioned Aliens. Both the groups were disputing this land and the factory had become a place of battle between these two groups of Aliens.

I repeated what I had told other Aliens and then practiced the method to construct a family full of happiness. They went back to their planet to bring and spread this method on their planet.

Finally, appeared a group of 800,000 small Aliens confined deep inside the earth under the factory. They said that they had escaped from space invaders and came to this planet seeking the place to live. Then, they were imprisoned by the above mentioned Aliens. They were shaking the factory from under the earth seeking for help.

Through the osatoshi, they were also saved and could practice the method to construct a family full of happiness. After the practice, they said that their planet was now prospering. So they were very grateful to us. They went back to their planet bringing the method to construct a family full of happiness.

One week later after this osatoshi, on 29 April, I received an e-mail from the person who had requested for osatoshi, with the good news: the situation in the factory improved and the workers are more enthusiastic to work.

It was really an amazing experience. I had a clear understanding that the osatoshi of Shinri saves even the Aliens and has the power to make whole universe full of happiness.

Creator of everything of the great Universe, Highest God of Light, Origin of Everything, thank you very, very much.

Choko Tereza Ito




Practice 1

How to tune in with Creator God

Whenever we are afraid of something, depressed, or having any negative feelings, we repeat the following phrase 3 times, and the Creator God's Light would emanate on you. After that, we can feel tranquil.

"Creator of everything of the great Universe, Highest God of Light, Origin of Everything, thank you very, very much"

If you feel it's not enough, then recite the following prayer:


Practice 2

Prayer to God

Creator of everything of the great Universe, Highest God of Light, Origin of Everything
Please forgive the sins and impurities accumulated in our soul and the physical body.
And please guide us to be the purified and noble children of God who can be of service to God.
Creator of everything of the great Universe, Highest God of Light, Origin of Everything
Please forgive and purify us.
Protect us and make us the purified and noble children of God.

Note 1: When the prayer is chanted by an individual, replace "us" by "me".
But usually we use "us" to also pray for the attaching spirits.

Note 2: "Creator of everything of the great Universe, Highest God of Light, Origin of Everything" is the definition of Creator God. In Japenese language, it's "Daiuchuu no Subete no Subete no Souzoushu Oomoto no Hikari no Nushigamisama".


Practice 3

Prayers to God to save the spirits

1) Creator of everything of the great Universe, Highest God of Light, Origin of Everything
Please forgive the sins and impurities accumulated by those who are (attached to me/disturbing me)
And please guide them to be the purified and noble children of God who can be of service to God.
Creator of everything of the great Universe, Highest God of Light, Origin of Everything
Please forgive and purify them.
Protect them and make them the purified and noble children of God.

Note: Instead of "me" you can use the name of any person.


2) Creator of everything of the great Universe, Highest God of Light, Origin of Everything
Please forgive the sins and impurities accumulated by those who are disturbing me (or other person(s)).
And give them the power to be able to look at this omamori and read the sentences on it.
And please guide them to be the purified and noble children of God who can be of service to God.
Creator of everything of the great Universe, Highest God of Light, Origin of Everything
Please forgive and purify them.
Protect them and make them the purified and noble children of God.


Practice 4

Prayer to God to solve our problems

1) For our self

Creator of everything of the great Universe, Highest God of Light, Origin of Everything
Please solve the problems of (physical, financial, relationship, etc) of me, (name)
And please guide me to be the purified and noble children of God who can be of service to God
Creator of everything of the great Universe, Highest God of Light, Origin of Everything
Please forgive and purify me
Protect me and make me the purified and noble children of God.

2) For others

Creator of everything of the great Universe, Highest God of Light, Origin of Everything
Please solve the problems of (physical, financial, relationship, etc) of (name)
And please guide (her/him) to be the purified and noble children of God who can be of service to God.
Creator of everything of the great Universe, Highest God of Light, Origin of Everything
Please forgive and purify (her/him).
Protect (her/him) and make (her/him) the purified and noble children of God.


Practice 5

Morning and Night Prayers to God

In the morning:

  • Creator of everything of the great Universe, Highest God of Light, Origin of Everything, thank you very, very much (Repetat 3 times)
  • Good morning! Thank you very much God, for always bestowing upon me and my family members lot of protections, guidance and arrangements, and for using me as an instrument to spread Shinri and to save humankind
  • I sincerely pray that today also I can offer services to God
  • Please also provide me protections to … (your desire: improvement in health, welfare, etc), so that I can offer more services to God
  • All the God spirits working for Shinri, my Hontai, guiding-spirits, all the spirits assigned to protect me, and all the spirits of my ancestors, good morning! Thank you very much for the protections, guidance and arrangements so that I can fulfill my role bestowed by God upon me as a human being on this earth.
  • Everyone related to me (family members, friends, colleagues, etc) and respective ancestors, thank you very, very much
  • Recite the Prayer to God (repeat 3 times).

At night:

  • Creator of everything of the great Universe, Highest God of Light, Origin of Everything, thank you very, very much (Repetat 3 times).
  • Thank you very much God, for today's protections, guidance and arrangements bestowed upon me, and for using me as God's instrument to spread Shinri and to save humankind.
  • I sincerely pray that tomorrow I can offer more services to God.
  • All the God spirits working for Shinri, my Hontai, guiding-spirits, all the spirits assigned to protect me, and all the spirits of ancestors, thank you very, very much for today's protections, guidance and arrangements.
  • Everyone related to me (family members, friends, colleagues, etc) and respective ancestors, thank you very, very much for your precious help.
  • Good night!

(Following the night prayer, make reflections about what you did. Could you step up today? Are you satisfied with your divine service? If you did something bad for somebody, offer apology to God, and think about what to do to improve yourself. In this way, you can elevate your soul's level more and more).


Practice 6

How to apologize to God

When we offer prayer of apology, we offer in following three steps.

1. Apology and prayer to Creator God

Creator of everything of the great Universe, Highest God o Light, Origin of Everything
I am suffering from... (Financial problems, physical problems and so on) since....
As I have physical body now, I can't remember my past life, but certainly I did terrible things to many people in my past life. I'm so sorry; please forgive me for this mistake.
Please allow me to use this physical body preciously, be forgiven by the people I did harm in my past life and be of use to Highest God of Light, by moving at the beck and call, to spread "Truth=Law of God" throughout the world, together with these people.

2. Apology to attaching spirit

For those who are attached to me. As I have physical body now, I can't remember what I did in the past, but if I'm suffering from… since…, it means that I did terrible things to you in my past life.
I'm so sorry, please forgive me.
I pray that you will be forgiven by God as soon as possible, and be permitted to elevate spiritually as to be of use of 『Highest God of Light』 in Heaven, by moving at the beck and call, to spread Truth=Law of God throughout the world.

3. Pray to Creator God for the salvation of spirit.

Creator of everything of the great Universe, Highest God of Light, Origin of Everything
Please forgive negative karma of my attaching spirits, and allow them to receive precious Light and to have training place in the astral world again.
And allow them to be permitted to elevate spiritually as to be of use of Highest God of Light in Heaven, by moving at the beck and call, to spread "Truth=Law of God" throughout the world.


Practice 7

Practices of Gratitude

We can express our gratitude to the persons who are not present. Let's imagine that the person is in front of us and say "Thank you". Then, these words reach the soul of that person in form of vibration.

Let's practice offering gratitude to our family members, friends, colleagues at our work place, our neighbors and even to those who don't like us.

As a result, our relationship with them will improve, and even our enemies may become more kind to us

As shown below, we should say the name of our husband, or wife, or children, or people we are related to, and address them in low voice. To one person, we should say in three different ways to show our gratitude.

Thank you …………………… (Name of the person)
Always thank you............ (Name of the person)
Thank you very much...... (Name of the person)

Let's prepare a list of the names of those to whom we are going to say thank you, and let's be grateful to at least 10 persons a day.
In case of couple, as our parents, our children, we can say at the same time, such as: "Thank you, father and mother", "Thank you Paul and Mary", etc.

Other practices of gratitude

To construct a family full of happiness, wife is the leading figure.
Say "thank you" to husband, children, and many other persons that you have relations with.

Unexpected happiness will come to you.

1. For husband, say "Thank you for working hard for us" in many occasions. Your husband will be encouraged to work hard for loved wife and children even at difficult time.

2. For your child, say "…… (child name), thank you to be born as Dad and Mom's child. Your Dad and Mom are very happy", as much as you can.

Additionally, say "thank you" in many occasions. Your child will love his parents and will be grown up as a very good child.

3. For your parents, say "thank you for giving birth to me".

For your husband's parents, say "thank you for giving birth to …… (your husband's name). They will be very happy and your relationship with them will improve.

4. Your husband also says "thank you for giving birth to me" for their parents.

Your husband says "thank you for giving birth to …… (your name) to your parents. Your parents will be very happy and your husband's relationship with them will improve.


Practice 8

How to talk with person's soul: High dimensional talk

Because there is no physical distance in the world of souls, it is possible to directly address to the soul of the person we have in mind and influence that person.
We can address the soul of a person and speak frankly about our feelings, or be straightforward in saying things that we are hesitant to speak, or even apologize to that person. Once we do that, we can handle the situation smoothly when we actually meet that person. For example, when we have a disagreement with a friend due to a misunderstanding, if we apologize to him or her by explaining the reason of the misunderstanding, the next time we actually meet this friend, it will become easier to reconcile.


Close your eyes, and imagine your friend (or whoever you want to talk to) is in front of you. At that moment, you can grasp your friend's feelings towards you, by seeing his/her facial expression. If the image of our friend does not smile, it means that he/she is upset with you. In this case, we should first praise him/her until he/she smiles. Then, we can speak about the matter in question.

☆Key points of a conversation between souls

We should first tune in with God and ask permission for such conversation by explaining its objective. The important things are

1) Pray strongly to God;
2) Make the objective of the conversation clear.

* Just because we were successful in the first time, if we become self-conceited and try another conversation without adjusting our vibration to God, we may end up being controlled by disturbing spirits, so we should be careful. Also, we can't perform this kind of conversation only by a mere curiosity. We should always tune in with God first.

* Method to tune in with God: practice 1.


Practice 9

Offering of food for ancestors

Put on the table a set of food and beverages, including alcohol. Put spoons, forks and knives by the side of each dish. Put forks and knives together. Plates, bowls and glasses can be of smaller size, because the food items would be in smaller portions. Or they may be of the normal portions if you are going to eat them later.

When you do this practice at home, the offerings can be made once a day either at lunch time or at dinner time. Put the ancestors' food set at the side of the dinner table, or on another smaller table.

Before offering food to ancestors, offer prayer to God and then invite the ancestors, as follows.

1) Ask for the permission from Creator God:

Creator of everything of the great Universe, Highest God of Light, Origin of Everything

Please allow me to do the food offering for all the ancestors of family of (full name of husband) and family of (full name of wife).

Please allow all the ancestors to receive the food, even those who are in deep hell and so my voice can't reach them. Please bring the essence of food to them.

Thank you very, very much.

2) Call the ancestors:

All the ancestors, who descend from『Creator of everything of the great Universe, Highest God of Light, Origin of Everything』, you are invited to have the food that I prepared for all of you and am offering to you now.

※Because all ancestors of the family of (full name of husband) and of the family of (full name of wife) are invited to receive the food, all the ancestors of the family of (surname of wife) can also join to have this food.

Also are invited all those as well to receive the food, who have the same surname as the ancestors but have no direct descendants.

Also are invited the employees who worked all their lives at the ancestors' home and have no direct descendants.

All the ancestors who were giving admonition to descendants because they wanted to eat or drink, please stop the admonition immediately.

3) When to take out the food from ancestors' food tray:

Leave the ancestors' food tray for about 15 - 20 minutes and then take out the food, saying:

All the ancestors, I hope you all enjoyed the food offered by me today. Please allow me to take out the food now. Thank you very much.

Don't leave the food longer because the ancestors would not feel good.You can eat or throw away the offered food.

When We Travel or Eat Outside

Before we eat, offer to ancestors first. In this case, offering time can be shortened to 5 minutes. Or we can separate a small portion of the food for ancestors.

The ※ marked sentences are to speak only during the first week, until the ancestors have knowledge. After one week, we have no need to speak those sentences.


Teaching 1

What is the teaching of Shinri=Kaminori (Truth=Law of God)?

The teachings of Shinri=Kaminori are the teachings that give us the way for all the gods and all the human beings to live happily by obtaining a family full of happiness.

Creator of everything of the great Universe, Highest God of Light, Origin of Everything (Creator God)'s strong desire is that all the gods become full of happiness. And that all the human beings become full of happiness.

The way to become full of happiness are indicated in detail in Shinri=Kaminori no Kenkyuukai's teachings.

There is no exception in Shinri.

And this method is very easy to practice and is the same in divine world and in physical world.
If some teaching says you are an exception in having a family full of happiness, that is not Shinri.
So that no matter in what circumstances you are, your family can become a family full of happiness and you can live happily every day.

The teachings of Shinri=Kaminori are very easy to practice and there is immediate result in practicing them. Just practice them continuously.

If you only study the teachings but don't practice them, there is no any result.

God says that do not practicing what we learn is a big sin.

"Who pleases God is made to prosper and who doesn't, is made to fall. This is the fundamental rule. Do you think that, what you are doing now is what satisfies God? "

The above phrase is spiritually very powerful. Attached gods and human spirits flinch before this phrase.

To one's regret, there are resentful gods and human spirits attaching to human being with physical body, causing sickness, poverty, discords and so on.

By guiding these resentful gods to elevate their spiritual level to their original divine character, and by guiding human and animal spirits to go to heaven, the bad influences are eliminated. And physical condition of human being becomes better and whole destiny is improved.

This is the teaching of Shinri=Kaminori.


Teaching 2

The objective of Truth=Law of God Research Association
(Shinri=Kaminori no Kenkyuukai)

Truth=Law of God Association was established with the aim of spreading to the world the "Truth=Law of God", "The method of training in the astral world to allow spirits in the hell to be able to go to heaven in an instant", and the concrete use of "thank you", the most important word of gratitude necessary to construct a family full of happiness. And also to spread to the world the truth that by having faith in God (Creator God), and by becoming an instrument for reviving the spiritual power of gods, we will receive great protection and we can live with abundance of health and happiness.

This is the Association directly connected to God, in which all the members may improve their destiny and their descendants can prosper eternally. Because it is directly connected to God, it is impartial to any of the existing religions in the world, and plays an active role in guiding all the religious groups to revive the spiritual power of gods.

To accomplish God's Plan, the Association plays an active role in finding out the persons that God has chosen since 3 thousand years ago from all over the world, and to guide them to accomplish their given roles. Also in restoring the existing religions that have lost their power to save, by introducing the teachings of "Truth=Law of God" saving their believers, and making them participate in purifying the whole world. Also in purifying all the existing spirits on the earth completely (100%) by saving those who are called evil gods and evil spirits, and which are the root cause of all the unhappiness and sufferings.

There is also the aim to elucidate the essences of what is hidden in God's teachings. (Only who studies deeply the teachings of God can grasp them).

The teachings of all the religions of the world appeared until today are the teachings of the gods that protect the Earth, which is a descendant of God (Creator God), some tenth order below God.
But the teachings of Shinri=Kaminori, planned 3 thousand years ago and revealed at this time, are the teachings given directly by God.

Note: Above is the objective of this Association at the time of the foundation. But with the progress of study classes, things are moving above the expectations of the Creator God. Right now, at the year 2013, the Association's objective is to bring happiness for the entire Universe, not only to Earth.


Teaching 3

How to built a family full of hapiness
The secret to have a happy family

Here are the practices of offering gratitude to make one happy and to have the happy surroundings. These practices all together are called the "method to construct a family full of happiness".
By practicing this method, we can obtain not only a family full of happiness, but construct a city, a country, a Planet and finally a Universe full of happiness.
When we make the spirits, suffering in the hell, practice this method, these spirits can go to heaven instantly. So, we use this method in osatoshi (salvation of spirits) by making a ball of Light containing this method and throw at the spirits. In a moment, these spirits are in heaven. And by continuing practicing this method, they can elevate themselves to the higher levels until reaching the divine world, above the heaven. This shows us how powerful this method is.
Now many God spirits of other planets and extraterrestrials are coming to study classes of Research Association of the Truth=Law of God (Shinri), asking for this method to bring to their Planets. This method can be used to improve or reconstruct their Planets.


1) The Importance of Gratitude Offering.

In the "method of training in the astral world" of the Association Truth=Law of God, there is a part that says "Those who are in heaven are the ones who could thank to everyone who did any favor to them". After telling the spirits about this, we make them to say thank you for spouse, children, parents and others whoever did any favor to them during their lifetimes. Only by doing that, the spirits can go to a very nice place in the astral world.
When we are grateful, our spiritual level becomes the same as of those who are in heaven. Then, our vibrations can differ from those of the resentful spirits who are at the lower levels of spiritual world. As a consequence, we are freed from the influences of bad spirits and we can achieve happiness.

2) By adding the word "always" to "thank you", it becomes even more powerful.

When the word "always" is added, like:
"Thank you, for always being kind to me", "Thank you, for always helping me", "Thank you, for always using our services" and so on, the person who is thanked becomes even happier, because it is the same as saying "I recognize your effort".
These words can be shortened to "Always thank you" or "Thank you, always" meaning that we acknowledge everything that someone has done for us since the past until today and so are now sincerely showing our gratitude to them for all that.
When we express our gratitude by saying "Always thank you", even the person who doesn't like us, becomes friendlier and kind to us.
It seems that these words of gratitude mysteriously bring happiness to the persons who receive them, and because of that, the interpersonal relationship can be improved.
So, let's say "Always thank you" to everybody.


Practice # 1: We can express gratitude no matter where we are.
Method of practicing gratitude

We can also express our gratitude to the persons who are not present. Let's imagine that the person is in front of us and say "Thank you". Then, these words reach the soul of that person in form of vibration.
Let's practice offering gratitude to our family members, friends, colleagues at our work place, our neighbors and even to those who don't like us.
As a result, our relationship with them will improve, and even our enemies may become more kind to us.

We should start by saying "Thank you" to our partner, then to our children, and then to our parents.

Why we should say "Thank you" to our partner first? It's because even though a marriage is the union of two strangers, our partner is the person who spends all his/her life with us, and is the one who helps us in our difficult times. For this reason, he/she is the first person to whom we should say "Thank you".
The next ones to whom we should say "Thank you" are our children. They gave us the happiness of becoming parents. Also, when we become parents, we can become stronger and overcome many difficulties in our life and grow as a person.
After that, let's say these words to our parents for giving birth to us and bringing us up.

Beside these, there are other people as well who also deserve gratitude such as: our grandparents, uncles and aunts, brothers and sisters, teachers, neighbors, our boss, colleagues, friends, our helpers, and so on.
Finally, let's also thank those who showed us bad behaviors, or who teased or tormented us.
Following that, let's practice the following:

As shown below, we should say the name of our husband, or wife, or children, or people we are related to, and address them in low voice. To one person, we should say in three different ways to show our gratitude.

Thank you …………………… (Name of the person)
Always thank you........... (Name of the person)
Thank you very, very much... (Name of the person)

Let's prepare a list of the names of those to whom we are going to say thank you, and let's be grateful to at least 10 persons a day.
In case of couple, as our parents, our children, we can say at the same time, such as: "Thank you, father and mother", "Thank you Paul and Mary", etc.

Practice # 2 - The use of "Always thank you" in our daily life

1) Use of saying "Always thank you" to improve the relationship between family members.

For the family members, besides the greetings of "Good morning" or "Good night", let's also say thank you.
In the morning:
"Good morning father (mother, my boy, my angel). Always thank you! Have a wonderful day".
At night:
"Good night father (mother, my boy, my angel). Thank you for everything today. Have a nice dream. "

2) Use of saying "Thank you" to improve relationship between husband and wife.

When your husband is going to work, say:
"Have a nice work! Thank you for always working hard for the family", or "Have a nice work! Thank you for always working hard for us". 
When your husband comes back home, say: "How was your work today? Thank you for always working hard for us, my darling." And also on all occasions you should say: "Thank you for the efforts you always make for us".
By saying like this, your husband can have more energy to work for the sake of his beloved wife and children, even when he has to work very hard or has a lot of stress at his work.

3) Saying "Thank you" to our children.

Let's say "thank you" as many times as possible to our children: "Thank you …, for being born as mom's and dad's child. Mom and dad are very happy!"
In addition, let's say "thank you" on as many occasions as possible. The children will love their parents and will grow up to be as good human beings.
The words of gratitude shown above can even heal night cries or bed-wetting of the children.
Above mentioned problems may occur in cases when a boy is born when the parents wanted a girl, or vice-versa.
The feeling of disappointment of parents is transmitted to baby when the parents think "Oh, it's a boy again", or "Oh, it's a girl again", which causes the baby to have lack of self-confidence regarding parents' love.
This can also happen in the cases when the mother becomes pregnant without planning for it and is unhappy about it.
So, from the very moment of their birth, let's always say: "Thank you baby, for being born as mom's and dad's child. Mom and dad are very, very happy!". Then, the child becomes confident of parents love, and the above mentioned problems will not occur.

4) Saying "Thank you" to our parents and parents-in-law.

We should always say to our parents "thank you for bringing me into this world" on some special occasions like their birthday, their wedding anniversary, etc.
A wife should also say to her parents-in-law "thank you for giving birth to … (say the name of the husband)". Her parents-in-law will be very happy and their relationship will get better.
The husband should also say to his parents-in-law "thank you for giving birth to … (say the name of the wife)".
It's good to write these words in a card on special occasions and give to parents-in-law together with the presents.
The parents-in-law will be very happy and surely they would love their daughter-in-law/son-in-law.
The relationship with the in-laws is difficult since ancient times. But with such a practice, they can love each other.

5) Saying "Always thank you" to improve relationship with others.

When the relationship with others, especially in a work place doesn't go well, it becomes a serious problem for us. There are many people with such problem of relationship with colleagues or superiors.
By using "always thank you" in work place, it's possible to construct a harmonious relationships.
When starting a conversation with others, or when making a phone call, we may start with "Always thank you"
Thank you always, Mr. /Ms … By the way, regarding ...
Good morning. Thank you always, Mr./Ms …. It is Mary speaking. By the way…
Oh, good morning Mr. /Ms …. Thank you always. Can I help you?
Let's use these words also for our neighbors, employees, postmen, etc. We can see a sudden change in their attitude toward us, and we can have a harmonious relationship with them.

Practice # 3 - Greetings to the ancestors

1) Greetings to ancestors of the persons who have some relationship with us.

Let's greet the ancestors of the persons whom we meet every day, by saying the words in low voice or in your mind:
"Ancestors of Mr. /Ms. …, always thank you"
By doing like this, the ancestors will be happy for us to show respect to them and this lead to harmonious relations with their descendants.
When we visit somebody, we should greet the ancestors of this family beforehand. So that, the visiting to that family will be pleasant and enjoyable.
When we have meetings, we should greet the ancestors of the participants. So that, the meeting will be smooth and successful.
Let's also greet the ancestors of the persons who have bad behaviors toward us, or tease us. By doing so, these persons will change their attitude toward us.

2) Greeting to ancestors to solve marriage problems.

Let's greet the ancestors of our spouse's family.
The acceptance of ancestors of both sides is an important factor for the happiness of the marriage. However, this factor is usually disregarded.
The fact that the husband or wife becomes cold and start to have bad attitude toward his/her partner in many cases is due to the influence of the ancestors.
The majority of the married couples don't offer greetings to the ancestors of their spouse at the time of their marriage. But even if you did not do it at that time, it's not very late; you can still do that any time. Let's do it right now.
Let's imagine the ancestors of our partner are in front of us and let's greet them. Certainly they are in front of us listening to what we say to them.
For wife, the greeting is as follows:
Ancestors of …. (Your husband's family name) family, I am sorry for not greeting you when I got married to your descendant. Thank you so much for giving me your permission to get married to (your husband's name). I will make my utmost efforts to be a good wife, daughter-in -law and mother of my children. So please guide me. Thank you very much.
For husband, the greeting is as follows:
"Ancestors of …. (your wife's family name) family, I am sorry for not greeting you when I got married to your descendant. Thank you so much for giving me your permission to get married to (your wife's name). I will make my utmost efforts to take care of her. So please guide me. Thank you very much".
Certainly, the relationship between the couple will be harmonious. If you already have a good relation, it will be improved even more.

3) The secret to solve the bad relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law.

Among the main family problems, the most serious one is certainly the bad relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law.
Until today, the only way to solve this problem was for one or both sides to have patience with each other.
But here is a very easy but incredibly effective way to solve such problem.
Beside the greetings from the couple for respective ancestors, the parents-in-laws also have to greet the ancestors of daughter-in-law, as follows:
"Ancestors of …. (daughter-in-law's family name) family, I am sorry for not greeting you at the time of the engagement/wedding of my son and your descendant. Thank you so much for giving your permission for my son to get married to (daughter-in-law's name). We will make our utmost efforts to give her love and proper guidance so that she can soon feel like being in her own family. So please guide us. Thank you very much".
The place to offer the greetings can be anywhere, not necessarily in front of ancestor's altar.
Please offer it right away, imagining that the ancestors are all together in front of you.
Even if these greetings are offered only by one person of the family (wife or husband or mother-in-law), surely the relationship becomes better than before.

Practice # 4 - Be grateful to everything in our surroundings.

Let's say "Always thank you" to animals, plants, and objects as follows:
Trees -Thank you very much for always producing oxygen.
Flowers - Thank you always for the beautiful views and good smells.
Plantations - Thank you very much for always providing us nourishments.
Pets - Thank you for always being my friend.
Cow - Thank you very much for always giving us milk.
Chicken - Thank you very much for always providing us delicious eggs.
TV and radio - Thank you very much for always entertaining us.
And so on. The sentences can be modified as you like.


Teaching 4

God's Plan

Why God Created the Physical World

God created Earth, the physical world, and made human beings - capable of constructing and building things - to live on the planet, so that there would be a physical world as wonderful as divine world.

Things that human beings think they have discovered are merely the materialization of things that already exist in God's world.

However, only human beings can directly act upon physical elements, and have the ability to even create things on the planet that were not originally included in God's plan (things that God hasn't yet tested).

There was such eagerness to investigate about new things that has motivated God to create the physical world.

Gods and spirits do not possess physical body, and as such, have very little power to directly act upon the physical world; human beings are the only ones who can act and create things in this world.

What God Wishes for Humans

God wants human beings, who are considered as God's children, to build up a physical world on the planet which should be as wonderful as divine world. And, to build up a family full of happiness upon this newly created world.

However, most of the humans do not remember their past lives or past actions; in addition, because of one's ego, humans' spirits and bodies have become impure. In order to cleanse such impurities, God has devised a plan (or program) that is adequate for each person, and guides each one to achieve happiness.

? A person who possesses the divine soul within the physical body, must elevate one's soul to the divine character in order to become an inhabitant of the heavenly civilization on Earth.

Human's eagerness for investigation and research leads to immense possibilities that exceed God's expectations. God also learns and grows through Human's eagerness to investigate and research.

God's Strong Desire

The common duty for God spirits and human beings is to build a happy family by being the children of God which fulfill God's wishes.

God strongly wishes all gods to be full of happiness. Similarly, God also wishes all human beings to be fully happy. Shinri = Kaminori teaches us the method to achieve these goals.

In order to fulfill God's wish, let's serve Him by helping spread Shinri = Kaminori, and by helping save people and the world.

Teaching 5

What Pleases or Satisfies God and What Doesn't?

Behaviors that Please God are Behaviors that Follow the Principles of Shinri = Kaminori (Truth = Law of God)

  • God must come first in any situation; make sure to keep a promise to God
    If you ever take a decision - deep in your heart - about anything that is related to God, or express any intention towards God, it means that you have already made a promise to God. For example, saying sentences like "This month I will offer this amount of money"; or "This month I will take part in the study class of Shinri = Kaminori"
  • Do not criticize others
    Do not criticize those who have a different opinion than yours; do not judge what is right or wrong.
  • Leave everything up to God's arrangement
    Accept God's intentions, and you will please God. Do not rush and try to go this way or that way because of what has happened; simply accept obediently what has happened.
  • Adjust (Tune) your spirit's vibration to God and be always grateful
    Pray constantly: "Creator of everything of the great Universe, Highest God of Light, Origin of Everything, thank you very, very much"
  • Forgive others; do not pursue the issue of somebody's responsibility (do not press somebody hard)
    Once we forgive others, others will also forgive us.
  • Do what pleases others, by taking as reference what the persons who are in heaven would do.
    Since other human beings are also part of God, if we try to please others, that means we are also pleasing God.
  • Participate in God's plan
    Let's learn about and spread the Shinri; let's serve God with joy.
  • Learn aboutShinri = Kaminori
    Having strong intention to know about God is something that pleases God.
  • Build a family full of happiness
    The secret for a family to live in harmony lies in practicing the teachings of Shinri = Kaminori and saying 'thank you' as much as we can - we should express the feeling of gratitude to each other in words.
  • Keep yourself well organized and clean
    Because everything in this world is a part of God, it is important to keep ourselves and things around us well organized and clean.
Behaviors that please God and that don't are the same in the divine world, in the spiritual world or in the physical world.
Experiences regarding protections and arrangements received by God should be posted on the web board; such attempts surely please God.

Shinri = Kaminori web board:


Behaviors that God Disapproves

  • Putting God in second plan
    God should come first; we should always keep this in mind.
    For example: we should not have thoughts like "if I have some free time I will take part in the study class of Shinri = Kaminori because it is near the place I am going"; instead, we should think: "I will make sure to spare some time and participate in the study class because I am going to be nearby".
  • Breaking a promise to God
    This is an action that God mostly disapproves.
    For example: although we have expressed our intention to participate in the study class, we end up not going because we had work to do. In this case, usually we have a hard time to accomplish the work and we regret the fact that we didn't go to the study class.
  • Criticizing others
    Human beings do not have the right to judge. Deciding or judging who or what is 'good' and 'bad' by human criteria makes us lower down our spiritual level.
  • Having resentful thoughts
    When we strongly resent someone, our vibrations match with spirits who resent us; and we end up suffering a stronger attachments of spirits. Everyone is part of God and, therefore, when we have resentful thoughts, it means we are also having resentful thoughts towards God.
  • Making others angry
    When we make others angry we create a new karma. In addition, if we get angry, this also creates negative karma in our account. In order to avoid angry feelings, let's put ourselves in the position of other party.
  • Not offering gratitude for receiving God's protection
    If we do not thank God for receiving protection that means we are being impolite. This includes situations when we simply don't thank because we are not aware of the protection we have received.
  • Gambling
    Basically, gambling is something that God is averse to; however, sometime it is allowed as a stopgap measure. Gambling is allowed if the action (of buying a lottery ticket, for example) results from a moment of inspiration. Gambling is not allowed if we use money for entertainment.
  • Smoking
    Smoking means that we are voluntarily causing harm to the body that was provided by God. Smoking not only harms the physical body, but also the spirit and astral body. The dependency on nicotine can be understood as selling our soul to nicotine, and, as such, even our soul is harmed.
  • Getting worried
    Thinking negatively affects the body negatively and does not help solve problems, so we should think positively about everything. Negative thoughts like getting worried, regretting, or being disappointed cause toxins to generate in our brain. Such toxins travel through the lymph system and might cause the stiffening of the pit of the stomach or the base of the ears, making the body sick or causing hearing impairment. Similarly, being overanxious means that we do not believe in God. For example, for someone who takes part in the study class of Association of Shinri = Kaminori, if by any chance an accident or a disaster occurs at a place next to where she/he is, God will make sure that nothing happens to him/her, not allowing even a small fragment to hit him/her. Therefore, there is no need to say "be careful". God is already protecting everything and everybody. Therefore, there is no need for humans, who cannot predict the future, to say "be careful". We should leave everything up to God.

    The Japanese term 心配 'Shimpai' (getting worried) can be related to the term神排 'Shimpai' which means 'push God aside'; therefore, we should always have positive thoughts. Having thoughts such as "what will I do if this or that happens?" gives the opportunity to attaching spirits to think about the most effective way of disturbing. Time goes by (things go on) either way, so let's think positively to please God.

    Sometimes we get worried about what to do if we fail. Thoughts that come to our mind in this kind of situation are usually 'excuses'. And such behavior leads to an act of self-preservation, where we transfer the responsibility of our actions to others.
    When we fail we should be frank and apologize. Let's be frank, bow with humility and apologize saying that we are sincerely sorry (* avoid the Japanese term 'suimasen' when apologizing), and try to find a solution that is constructive.
  • Regretting
    Regretting the past makes us spend unnecessary energy. If there are moments when we think "we should have done that", let's use this experience for the next opportunity.

    Whenever we are in doubt, we should take action. Taking action and later coming to regret it, is better than regretting for something we did not do. Even if we fail after taking action, we can have consolation by considering it as a cleansing phenomenon, and be grateful for that cleansing. However, regretting for something we didn't do lasts forever. Therefore, it is very important that we do not regret for the past.

Example of regret (1): The story about Coca-Cola

During the time Mr. Takeo Fukuda (deceased) was a politician in the Ministry of Finance, he was offered to buy the rights of the Coca-Cola. Mr. Fukuda, then, suggested to five of his successors to buy the rights, with each of them investing 200,000 yens. It was decided that everyone would bring the money in the following meeting. On the scheduled day, 4 out of 5 brought 200,000 yens, but the last one did not bring the money. He claimed that it was not possible to spend money on something that is risky. In addition, he opposed to that the remaining four bought the rights. In the end, the transaction was canceled.

Mr. Kakuei Tanaka (deceased), by listening to such story, decided to buy the rights of Coca-Cola himself. He offered 500,000 yens and also invited 4 other friends, who invested 100,000 yens, each. After that, the rights generated an enormous amount of profit, and each investor got a huge income. Knowing about this, the politicians who had given up the transaction seemed to have regretted their decision for many years.

Example of regret (2): The story about a 660 square meters land

There was a shopkeeper who was looking for a land of about 330 square meters to build a shop. He found a place that met his requirements, but the size of the land in sale was 660 square meters. He asked the landowner if he would sell half of the land, but the landowner refused, saying that he would only sell the whole land.

At that time, the shopkeeper had enough money to buy the 660 square meters land. However, because he hesitated, he decided not to buy it. After that, the shopping area around the land was developed so the value of the land increased a lot. The shopkeeper regretted the fact that he had not bought the land.

Whenever doubt sets in, action should still be taken. If the shopkeeper had bought the 661 square meters land, he could have the option to sell half of it later. In the worst case, if the value of the land went down, there would still be possible to accept it as cleansing phenomena, and be grateful to God.


Teaching 6

God Does Not Praise Sacrifice

Things that we do for God will be returned to us in a scale of ten times or one hundred times

God does not receive any favor from humans without returning the favor. When God returns our good deeds, or provides us with protection for the 'kisha' (offerings) we have made, He does so by providing us with what we mostly need in a certain moment or situation.
God returns the favor to us in a way that helps us in our improvement.

You might have heard the word 'Alchemy'. If we look up for this word in the dictionary, we will find the following explanation: an attempt to refine precious metals (especially gold) by using chemical processes.
However, this word derives from Christianity. It is believed that if we offer 'kisha' for God we immediately receive enormous protection and also big revenues. As a consequence, it is possible to offer even greater 'kishas' and also receive greater protection. Such cycle is repeated every time on a bigger scale until we become millionaires.
The descendants of people who gave their contribution so that Moses, Buddha, and Jesus Christ could spread the 'truth', are now the millionaires of the Middle East and India.

"Kisha" means offering money or objects to God so that Shinri = Kaminori may be spread to the world. God will make sure that we receive something in return for having done 'kisha'. However, it does not mean that it will necessarily come back to us in form of money. God will return the favor by giving to us what we really need most in that moment.


Teaching 7

The secret to be happy is to become the person that pleases God

If we are impolite to God, bad things will come back to us in a scale of ten times, or one hundred times.

Being impolite to God means to deny God, or to break a promise to God, or not thanking for the protection we have received. For example, suppose we have received God's protection; but we get away from Himby thinking erroneously that to achieve more happiness there is other things more important than God. When our ego gets stronger, God's heart cannot reach us, and God cannot guide us as He would like to.

As a result, if we are impolite to God and we start to get distant from Him, we will lose God's protection. Then, the disturbances from spirits takes place again, and we are punished through the Admonitor, and have to experience extreme suffering which may be many times more than the karma we already have.

By making the person experience suffering, God gives us the chance to reconsider our actions and correct our wrongdoing.

Creator God, Amatsu gods, and another gods all have both the 'grate mercy' and the 'grate strictness '; however, they do not directly warn those who get distant from God; they merely leave them alone. The 'Devil' with the role of Admonition or Warning is the one who takes care of these people. Creator God only has the right to judge. If Amatsu gods or another gods give warning themselves, such actions are considered sins.

In summary, the meaning of building a happy family is to do good deeds that please God. In turn, God will make sure that no disaster happens to the area or the place where such person lives. If by any chance an accident or disaster should occur, God will make sure that not even a small fragment hits that person.


Teaching 8



  • Because the behavior and words of a person are contrary to Shinri (Truth=Law of God), one receives disturbance from spirits and becomes sick. When spiritual and astral bodies are damaged, they cannot be healed by only trying to help the physical body.
  • Especially, in case of the persons having serious illness like cancer, most of them are stubborn and don't have gratitude. The transferring of cancer is caused by the spirits that gather together disorderly and unsystematically. If it is left untreated, it worsens with increasing speed.

Note: However, if it is treated by spiritual healing like guiding of spirits based on
Shinri=Kaminori, the condition starts changing to become better and
cancer may disappear in few days.

  • It should also be noted that some people whom God intends to use, may suffer from any disease as cleansing phenomena

Attaching of Spirits

  • When the attaching spirit has no special grudge against the person, it attaches to the shoulder or back of a person as a sphere - a size larger than a hen's egg, with half body entering inside the human's body.
  • The attaching spirit that has strong grudge against the person, enters deep inside the human body causing cancer or other diseases.

Reasons why the spirit attach to the person:

1. Affinity, grudge.

2. When they rely on the person by thinking "This person will understand me".

3. No special affinity, but attach for fun.

4. When the person tunes in with spirits. It's mainly due to the bad thoughts and aggressive way of thinking (similar attracts similar).

When we have bad thoughts or our attitude is vulgar, we are attacked by malicious spirits. Let's try to be always grateful and make our attitude polite and respectful.

Spirit Disturbance

  • The cause of misfortune is 100% spiritual disturbance.
    Being unfortunate, sick or being physically disabled is the situation where the person is suffering from the attack of resentful spirits or gods because of this person's past life karma or relationships.

    Also, sometimes the person gets involved in dispute between groups of evil spirits.
  • Sometimes ancestors give admonition to complain that they are not correctly worshiped.
    For example, ancestors that don't have food offering by descendents, complain by making their descendant have stomach problems.

    In the case of disturbance on head, it depends on the symptoms.

    A tumor is admonition from ancestors related to wrong worshiping and stroke is usually admonition from gods.
  • Disturbing spirit of aborted or miscarried child.
  • Disturbing spirit of aborted or miscarried child, wanting to be loved by mother, attach to her hip and try to tell the mother of the child's presence. As this child's soul is in hell, the place attached becomes cold and the muscle hardens, causing serious hip pain or hip osteoarthritis.
  • Sometimes man also is attached by aborted or miscarried child, causing serious hip pain or hip osteoarthritis. If this child is attached to hip area, this area becomes cold, the muscle hardens, the autonomic nerve inside this muscle is pressured and goes wrong, so that the muscle or joints attached to such a nerve have poor metabolism and harden, causing hip pain or hip osteoarthritis.
  • Aborted or miscarried child wants to be loved by mother, so when the next child, which is girl, is conceived, this spirit attaches to this child's hip inside the uterus of the mother during pregnancy. Hip bone temperature is lowered so that the hip bone and the hip joint are underdeveloped, and the baby girl is born with congenital hip dislocation. If baby girl is not conceived, the spirit attaches to baby boy

    In case of right leg having such problem, aborted spirit is of her elder brother,
    while in case of left leg having such problem, aborted spirit is of her elder
  • When mother aborts before getting married, and she forgets about that, the aborted baby's spirit tries to make the mother remember of oneself by causing hip pain to the mother, or attaches to her grandchild causing tic.

Note: Tic: Abnormal habit developed by child.
Unconscious movement of blinking eyes, shaking head, hem,
making wry mouth, making grimaces, shaking the shoulder.

  • Besides aborted or miscarried baby's spirit, other spirit attachment also causes
    feeling of chilliness, making the person wear thick clothes even in summer.

★ In case of miscarriage before 10 weeks since the first day of last menstrual period, it is the physiological effect to strengthen the uterus. When the uterus doesn't have the capacity to raise the child, it is made to train by making the woman pregnant and miscarrying before the soul enters the baby's body. So there is not any problem of attachment in such case.
There is no need to hold a memorial service for this baby.

Vengeful Spirits

  • Vengeful spirits are waiting for an opportunity to take revenge.

    Sometimes they make the family, they want to take revenge from, to prosper
    intentionally and when the family is on top of happiness they make the family
    fall into the bottomless pit.
  • Vengeful spirits having strong grudge want only to take revenge, they are not concerned about being saved.

    Even if one tells them that they can go to heaven, they are usually resigned
    thinking that they can never go to heaven because they are doing wrong
  • Group of spirits causing misfortune are divided in four levels: soldiers, platoon leader, company commander, and general. Who takes the position of general is a god?.

    The person who has originally high spiritual level is disturbed by gods.
  • Higher the position is, more vengeful the god is.

    The person who has no grudge of god, the group of spirits is composed of 3
    levels of spirits.

    The group of spirits of higher position does not attack personally, but calls evil spirits to join together and gives order to them to attack
    If one saves the soldiers, platoon leader comes and disturbs instead, and if one saves the platoon leader, company commander comes and disturbs, and so on.
  • In case the targeted person has already died and is in the level different from that of the vengeful spirit in the spiritual world, the spirit can't disturb this person there.

    The resentful spirit can't disturb other spirit that is in different spiritual level,
    but can disturb human being (independent of the spiritual level of this human
    being) that came to physical world from any place of the spiritual world (hell).

    It means that this vengeful spirit waits for long time in the spiritual world until
    the targeted spirit is born again with the physical body.

    The targeted person suffers as long as one is alive, that is, for some decades,
    but the vengeful spirit suffers for hundreds of years since it lost his physical

    And when the time comes very close to take targeted person's life, it suffers
    even more.
  • When the targeted person feels dissatisfaction or is blaming somebody, one tunes in with the vengeful spirit so that one becomes more easily attacked by the spirit.

    In contrast, if this person changes himself/herself and lives with gratitude,
    he/she doesn't tune in with vengeful spirit, so that this spirit can't attack this person.
  • Life without misfortune and without special feelings of happiness is the situation in which the protection power of guardian spirits is above the power of vengeful spirits.

    That is, "nothing happens" means that one is receiving real protection.
In going back to many lifetimes, it can be seen that in most cases, the vengeful spirit and targeted person were friends or fellows in past life.
This time is the time to clear one's debts, so in going back to relation of cause and effect, it is found that the vengeful spirit is originally the assailant (who started first).

Resentment of previous life

  • To earn a grudge, there should be a reason, that is karma of previous life or sins committed by ancestors.
    However, as most of the human beings don't remember their previous life,
    they don't know anything about that, don't consider they have karma, and so
    don't feel they have to apologize. So they can't apologize properly to the
    vengeful disturbing spirit, and because of this they can't be free from
    misfortune and misery at all.
  • When human beings die, they keep the thought they have just before dying. If one makes somebody suffer, making him feel a strong grudge against the causer of suffering before dying, the sufferer will keep this resentment for several hundreds of years even after death.
  • If the other party dies after playing fair, they die without resentment. But if they are killed cowardly or killed when they are already near death, they will have a strong grudge against the killer.
  • Most of the women who suffer from breast cancer have the karma of violating a woman under the arrest after a conquest in a war, followed by cutting off her breast and eating.

Cleansing Phenomena (Teaching on erasing the karma - Buddhism Teaching)

The soul that had accumulated karma is being illustrated as dirty clothes and explained as follows.

Ka´syapa, a disciple of Buddha asked the following question.

"I was suffering from misfortune. Somebody told me that by learning from Buddha, it would be improved. So I became your disciple and I'm making effort but recently bad things happened to me more than before. Why?"

Buddha answered by saying, "Ka´syapa, you are really making effort. These bad
things are happening because Saint is going to use you more.
Nobody washes dirty clothes with clean water.
To clean the dirt, you soak in lye, boil in a caldron, knock down against a rock,
strike with a rod, scour off and then rinse with clean water!"

By hearing this, Ka´syapa became very happy and made more efforts and became a Bodhisattva.

★ This example shows that the person chosen by God should be cleaned first (by cleaning the person's karma), so that this person can be of great use to God.

There is one example of one lady actively working in a religious order. She was suffering from pus coming out from skin eruption of whole body, feeling itchy.
She was guided by the religious order's person that "God is cleaning your body, so do the divine service with gratitude". By hearing this, she increased her divine service even more, but the eruption spread even more over the body making her looking very ugly. She became afflicted by thinking why this was happening.
One day she read above teaching and complied with and renewed her gratitude toward the cleansing. Immediately after that, the pus came out from all the skin eruption and the itchiness disappeared.
After that her skin became clean and then she is devoting herself to divine service more than before

Difference between Satan/Devil and demon God, evil God and evil spirit

  • ・Satan/Devil, used by God to give admonition to human beings, was created by God. Satan/Devil gives admonition to human beings who became arrogant and went away from God. It doesn't do evil deeds for itself

Satan and Devil are the same being.

  • Satan or Devil never comes to be born with physical body.

    But sometimes enters in human's body that went away from God, and moves
    their body to give them admonition.
  • Demon is like a bad person of human world. Because is used by God, even if one doesn't want to, but should give admonition to others.
  • Evil god and evil spirits are those who went away from God and became evil, and do evil deeds.

★ If we consider a soul with ego and conceit is like a sheep out from a flock, a sheep dog would be Satan or Devil and a wolf aiming at sheep would be evil god and evil spirits.

However, even the works of evil god and evil spirits sometimes are used intentionally in God's arrangements. The human beings who cause harms and disturbing spirits both are used by God.


Admonitor or Warner

  • To go away from God = ego. In this case, God's will can't reach the person who has a strong ego, so that God can't appear to (communicate with) this person to help him. Then, God uses this admonitor to make such person experience some pain to bring him to the righteous path.

    Thus, admonitors are permitted to give admonition to persons that were rude to
  • The person who is stubborn, doesn't listen to somebody's warning, even though this warning is made with love.

    Such a person should experience pain to reform oneself, so one is given
    opportunity to reflect through the admonitor.

★Even the person who denies the existence of God, in experiencing extreme pain, at the end this person calls for God's help, crying "God, help me!".

The person who denies God, after dying, is going to a hell where one can't see anything but only grey world everywhere.

And this person wanders from place to place day after day but doesn't encounter anything and at the end seeks for God's help crying, "God, help me!"

*Nowadays there is no more vengeful gods. They all were saved by this
Association and received missions from the Creator God.

Teaching 9

Explanation about karma

What is Karma

  • Karma is what one has done in the past, and there are both good and bad meanings. It is also called fate or cause and effect.
  • Negative karna means only the bad deeds one has done in the past.
  • Sin is what opposes God's will, so it has only bad meaning.
  • Cause and effect means that there is compensation of the good or bad deeds one has done in the past.
    This word includes good and bad things, but usually it is used in the sense of bad things.
  • There is also joint karma of the locality, race and country ( For instance: a nation carries the karma of its country ).

Karma* and Hope
(* If there is no mention of either negative or good, karma means negative karma)

  • Hope wait behind the karma. A new karma wedge itself in front of hope. If one creates a new karma, it comes in front of hope one after another and the hope is not realized. To create a new karma means one keeps oneself away from hope.
  • Karma is erased only by sufferings.
  • When karma is completely erased, hope is immediately realized.




Summary of study classes

March special study class at Kusatsu, Osaka 11 March 2012

This session of the special study class was very special and became such a memorable event not only because many new members came but also because a large numbers of spirits were saved at the same time.

In the lecture, it was advised that whenever you have any chance to go to the locations where many spirits could be around, such as cemeteries or hospitals, it is important that before going there you pray to God that you wish (want) to be used by God for saving many spirits by using amulets (Omamori), and also pray to receive protection for that. It was warned that if you forget to pray in the above manner, even advanced members may suffer great pain because of being attached by a large number of spirits requesting help.

During the osatoshi practicing time, so many spirits were saved, who were the victims of some severe disasters in the history. In addition, the spirits who made the victims to die in the crisis were also saved.

 It is also noteworthy that, this day (March 11, 2012) was exactly one year after the "2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami". And the God permitted spirits of the victims to be saved. At this time, not only the victims of 11 March 2011 disaster but also the victims of the Great Tokyo Raid (March 10, 1945) and also of the Great Hanshin Earthquake (January 17, 1995) were saved as well. Furthermore, a large number of spirits of samurais or soldiers from around Osaka region, who died in ancient wars, were also saved. Interestingly, when the spirit of a man was saved, who had died in the Hanshin Earthquake, his family came to him and they all went to the heaven together.

Osatoshi done for other participants were also very impressive and rich in large variety of spirits who appeared; such as, nuns, Bunkons of gods, one god who became blind because of having dissatisfaction with the God (He was thinking that the God is unfair), and a man's spirit who was driving a motorbike recklessly and having an interest in running over other spirits. Surprisingly, Mother Teresa came and personally guided nuns' spirits. Thus, it was such a good opportunity to witness even for advanced members.

New members who received osatoshi, seemed being astonished by feeling and seeing positive changes happening to their body and mind.

Guidance was given also by master about the effective points and ways to give Light, as many members of Mahikari were attending the study classes.